4 Ways to Upgrade Your Bridal Jewelry

Upgrading your bridal jewelry – whether it be your engagement ring, your band, or both – can be an exciting experience for both you and your spouse. Some people hesitate to upgrade because of sentimental value or a bit of guilt, but we are big believers that you can upgrade while maintaining that sentimental value, and creating a new milestone for your marriage. We find that there are a few key times we see people upgrading:

  • On a significant anniversary
  • Commemorating the birth of a child
  • Vow renewals
  • When the kids move out

Regardless of the reason or timing of your upgrade, here are 4 ways to upgrade with style:

The Shah & Shah Upgrade:

If you purchased your diamond from Shah & Shah Distinctive with our quality standards, you can upgrade it for double the size or double the price of the original. We’ll credit the value of your original Shah & Shah Diamond to the price of the new diamond.

The Enhancement:

Has your style changed? Or have you just changed your mind on your setting? There are many options when it comes to enhancing your current engagement ring. You can add a diamond surround to accent your center stone, reset the stones in a new metal or a new setting, add more stones to your ring to create a 3-stone ring, or many, many other possibilities.

The Addition:

Particularly popular for “push gifts,” adding an additional band to your stack is another fabulous upgrade. Diamond bands or colorful gemstone stacking bands can be added to compliment your current situation. See more on stacking rings here.

The Redesign:

Another great option for those whose style has changed is the redesign. If you’d just like to reimagine your engagement ring – with or without your current stones – we can help you to create a custom redesign that reflects your personality and style.


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