Tips for Traveling with Fine Jewelry

Are you packing for your dream vacation and wondering if you should bring your favorite pieces of jewelry? Here are some tips for traveling with your fine jewelry.

Since fine jewelry has financial and emotional value, many travelers would rather leave their valuables at home. We advise bringing the fewest number of pieces necessary no matter what your destination, especially if you’ll have to cart around luggage to multiple locations. Below are a few other tips for traveling with your favorite jewels:

  • Your jewelry should travel on your physical body or in your carry on and absolutely no jewelry should go in your checked bag…ever!
  • It is helpful to photograph the jewelry you plan to take with you. Should a piece get lost and is eventually found, you can use the photo to prove it is yours.
  • Notify your insurance company of your travel dates.
  • Less is more- don’t take too much jewelry with you when you travel. It’s just more to worry about!
  • Use a soft travel case to neatly organize your jewelry and keep it safe.
  • A small cloth and travel cleaning solution is great to bring so your jewelry looks clean and new.

*With excerpts from GIA’s Ten Tips for Traveling with Jewelry