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July Birthstone: RUBY

Happy birthday to our July babies – and lucky for you, it’s the month of the ruby! In addition to July’s birthstone, rubies are the gemstones associated with the 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries.

The color of passion, ruby’s intense red color has symbolized love, power, desire, beauty and wisdom since its inclusion in the Bible. In ancient Sanskrit, ruby means “king of precious stones.” Early cultures celebrated rubies for the representation of the blood that flows through their bodies, symbolizing the power of life.

Shah & Shah Rubies

Fun Facts about Rubies:

1. The first laser beam was created in 1960 using the red fluorescence light emitted by ruby.

2. Though it’s made of the mineral corundum, chromium causes ruby’s red.

3. In 2015, a 25.59 carat ruby ring sold for $1,266,901 per carat, setting a new record at auction for a colored gemstone.

4. Ruby colors range from a deep crimson or purple to pale rose, but the ideal color is a red hue with medium tone and vivid color saturation.

5. Rubies are the second hardest stones, second only to diamonds, making it a wonderful stone for rings and everyday jewelry.

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Source: GIA