May Birthstone: Emeralds

Emeralds are the gem of the spring, making it the perfect May birthstone. It’s also the 20th and 35th anniversary gift stone. Emeralds are in the Beryl family – as are aquamarine.


The majestic gem has a huge amount of legend and lore behind it, and is one of the oldest mined stones starting in Egypt as early as 330BC. Legend has it that Cleopatra had a deep love for the deep blue-green stones. Emeralds are often confusing for jewelry wearers, because unlike a diamond or other stones, inclusions are a welcome part of a beautiful and high-quality emerald. Referred to as Jardin or Garden, the inclusions visible to the eye create a look like a “garden.”

The term “emerald cut,” which many different gems are cut to, is from the shape of the crystals in an emerald. This is why emeralds are commonly cut into rectangular step-cuts.


For centuries emeralds have been said to relieve stress and strain. They also have been known to reveal truths and predict the future. Emeralds have long been the standard for the greenest of greens as seen in the nickname of Ireland – the Emerald Isle.

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Happy birthday, May babies!